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Molecular Dispersion

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Molecular Dispersion
Power Information

Disperse the molecules of another


Hand gesture


Offensive Power


Molecular Dispersion is the power to destroy a target by reducing it to its constituent molecules by giving them massive amounts of energy which forces them to scatter. It is very similar to Molecular Combustion in which molecules are ripped apart, but without any combustion.

List of UsersEdit

The CroneEdit

The Crone possessed this power and used it to kill one of the Parasite Demons that kidnapped and tried to drain Wyatt Halliwell of his magical powers.[1]


Gideon possessed this power and used it to kill his assistant Sigmund when he threatened to expose Gideon as the one trying to kill Wyatt Halliwell.[2]

Possessor DemonsEdit

A Female Possessor Demon possessing a mortal named Mandi used this power to kill another demon when she tried to resurrect the Source of All Evil.[3]



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