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Coyote Piper

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"I knew they weren’t that close."
—Missy to a friend after Prue knocks out Terra.[src]

Missy Campbell was a former classmate of Piper Halliwell, whom organized their ten year reunion at P3.


During high school, Missy shared two classes with Piper and was crowned homecoming queen at their senior prom.

In 2001, Missy was in charge of organizing the reunion at P3. She acted very bossy and kept ordering Piper around, much to the frustration of Prue. When Missy told her to take out the trash, Piper was possessed by Terra. Prue then told her sister to stand up to Missy, at which point Terra called Missy a bitch. Prue later caused the balloon decorations Missy had set up to fall several times.

When the reunion started, Terra started dancing with Missy's drunk husband Dennis, much to Missy's frustration. When Prue knocked out Terra, Missy commented to a friend that the sisters were not so close after all.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Missy's role in this episode is later repeated by Paula Marks in "Hyde School Reunion". Both were mean girls toward one of the sisters during their reunion.


Missy Campbell appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.

Season 3
Coyote Piper

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