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Missy Campbell
Character Information
Birthplace Presumably San Francisco
Birth date Presumably 1972
Species Human
Status Alive

Dennis (husband)

Notable powers


Portrayed by

Sabine Singh

Missy Campbell was an over-achieving, bossy classmate of Piper Halliwell during their time at Baker High School. She's married to Dennis. She annoyed Prue Halliwell a lot during Piper's high school reunion, resulting in her balloon decorations constantly falling down thanks to Prue's Telekinesis. Whilst Piper was possessed by Terra, a Life Essence created by the Alchemist Kierkan, Missy asks Piper to move food from one table to another and Piper replies saying "Sure, whatever you say." Prue (unaware that Piper is possessed) tells Piper she can stand up to Missy as Piper previously said she was feeling 'invisible', just like she did when she was in high school. So Piper shouts "Hey, bitch! Move the trays yourself!".

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Missy was homecoming queen in senior Prom.
  • Piper and Missy had chemistry class together.
  • Piper and Missy had Mrs. Fowler for English class.


Missy Campbell appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.

Season 3
Coyote Piper

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