Mirror Between Worlds
Artifact Information

A window to the Parallel World


The Mirror Between Worlds is located in Gideon's office in the Magic School, hidden behind a curtain. The mirror allows interaction between worlds. Below the mirror there is a chessboard. Its pieces are able to cross the mirror. The mirror was destroyed by Leo Wyatt after he killed Gideon.


It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World, Part 1

After Gideon killed Sigmund, Gideon needed a partner for his plan to kill Wyatt so he used the mirror to plan with his counterpart how to distract the sisters. They made Leo and Chris cross to the other universe, and then broke the balance of both worlds as just Good Paige and Good Phoebe crossed to the other world. Then they were after Wyatt and both Paiges and Phoebe cast a spell on him that left him hurt deathly. They used the mirror to heal each other.

It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World, Part 2

Both Gideons were agree that for returning the balance of the world great evils were need to do in the Good World. But before doing it they need to kill Wyatt. They left Magic School fearing Leo. Paige and Phoebe were looking for a way to talk with Evil Paige and Evil Phoebe to find a plan to restore the balance in the world and found the mirror. They wanted to cast a spell on Piper to have the full Power of Three and let the Evil Charmed Ones cross to the Good World and do great evils. But Piper casted a spell on them before. Then Leo found it and both Leos discovered that Gideon was working with Barbas. Before killing Gideon, Leo orbed the mirror to the Underworld to remember Evil Leo that he couldn't do it. Good Leo killed both Gideons then he destroyed the mirror.