Michael Wentworth
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Before 1714[1]


Married to Prudence Warren

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First mate[2]

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Something Old, Something New

"I do not think I will take you up on your offer, Helena. I may need my powers to look after my husband."

Michael Wentworth[3] (d. before 1714[1]) was a mortal first mate residing in Boston, Massachusetts. He was engaged to Prudence Warren, whose identity as a witch she had kept from him.


Michael and Prudence were to be married, but she called off the wedding the day before, as she did not wish to get married or have children until she had gotten rid of her magic. Michael went to find Prudence the day she called off the wedding, and found the Charmed Ones and Elizabeth Hasting trapped in their house by Helena's magic. He helped remove the barrier and helped them find Prudence.

He ran toward Prudence and Helena in the midst of their ritual and his sleeve caught fire. Prudence, with instructions from Paige Matthews, used telekinesis to douse the fire with water from the nearby river. Michael accepted Prudence despite witnessing her use. With this devotion and some reasoning from the Charmed Ones and Elizabeth, Prudence chose to keep powers, and the two wedded.[2] They had a daughter named Cassandra.



Michael Wentworth appeared in a total of 1 non-canonical novel throughout the franchise.


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