Michael Des Barres
Actor Information

Michael Des Barres


London, England

Birth date

January 24, 1948


Dark Priest




We're Off to See the Wizard


Michael Des Barres played the Dark Priest in the Season 4 episode We're Off to See the Wizard.

In addition to his acting resume, he is an accomplished rock singer, with numerous albums to his credit. His surname is pronounced "day bar".

Biography Edit

Des Barres was born in London, England in 1948. After his schooling, he made several small appearances on TV shows such as "Mrs. Thursday" and "Z Cars". He made his feature film debut in To Sir, With Love (1967) as one of Sidney Poitier's students.

In 1972, he formed his first band, Silverhead. The band recorded two albums and toured the United States, Europe, and Japan before breaking up in 1974.

He moved to Los Angeles soon after, and in 1975, he formed the band Detective; they were signed to Led Zeppelin's label, Swan Song Records, and released two albums. The group disbanded in 1978.

After several albums recorded as a solo artist, he was chosen to replace Robert Palmer in the band Power Station in 1985. With the band, he appeared at Live Aid, the charity concert to raise funds for famine relief in Ethiopia. His friendship with actor Don Johnson secured Power Station a two episode guest appearance on "Miami Vice" in 1985, and again in 1988.

In 1987, he began a recurring role as the assassin Murdoc on "MacGuyver". In 1991, he declined an offer to replace Freddie Mercury, who had recently died of AIDS, as the lead vocalist of Queen.

He has been married twice, and his son Nick designed the promotional poster of Resident Evil (2002).

Career Edit

  • "Nip/Tuck" (2007) (with Julian McMahon)
  • "Alias" (2005)
  • "Charmed" (2002)
  • Mulholland Dr. (2001)
  • "Melrose Place" (1996-97)
  • "MacGuyver" (1987-1991)
  • To Sir, With Love (1967)

External links Edit

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