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Michael (The Bay Mirror)
Charmed818 335
Character Information
Birthplace Unknown
Birth date Presumably around the 1970's
Species Mortal
Status Alive


Notable powers


Portrayed by

Ron Melendez

Michael was the Style Editor at The Bay Mirror who had a crush on Phoebe.

After previous failed attempts at asking her out, Coop decides to help him. Coop tells him to try and "woo" her. He tells him to bring a dozen of long stemmed red roses. While Phoebe is working on her column, she hears rocks been thrown at her window. She approaches the windows, and finds Michael standing on the road. He explains to her that he's wooing her. He recites some helpful words, which actually came from Coop, who was sitting on the steps leading to her condo. Coop finally realized he's in love with Phoebe although that's not found out into the next couple of episodes. Phoebe tells Michael to leave the flowers outside the door, and Coop tells him that she's worth it.


Michael appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

The Torn Identity
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