"Centuries ago, I unearthed a quatrain from the tomb of a wise apothecary. "When three planets burn as one over a sky of dancing light, and magic will rest for a holy day to welcome a twice blessed child.""
—Merrill to Phoebe and Paige.[src]

Merrill was an old and wise Wizard who unearthed a quatrain of a wise apothecary that prophesized the Twice-Blessed Child. He was also the mentor of the sorcerer Cronyn.


Merrill was present at the meeting between Phoebe and Paige and Cronyn at a pizzeria. With magic gone from the world, Cronyn had a set a trap by filling the pizzeria with demons. Before he left, Cronyn ordered his demons to kill the sisters. Merrill was injured in the fight and was later interrogated by Phoebe and Paige. When Merrill revealed the prophecy, the sisters realized that Piper's child was the Twice-Blessed Child.

What became of Merrill after the sisters returned to the manor to stop Cronyn is unknown. It is possible that they vanquished him or that he escaped once magic was restored.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Merrill's name might be a reference from the famous wizard Merlin.
  • It is unknown if he has any other powers since he only appeared when magic disappeared.


Merrill appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

Season 5
The Day the Magic Died

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