MelindaWaren Blessing Cup
Melinda Warren's Blessing Cup
Artifact Information

A crystal blessing cup


This Blessing Cup belonged to Melinda Warren, founder of The Warren Line and creator of the Book of Shadows. The blessing cup was an ornately designed glass cup with deep purple and gold decals around the bowl of the cup. The design and overall shape of the cup was similar to that of a red wine glass.

The cup was passed down by the Warren witches over the centuries and eventually came under ownership of The Charmed Ones. The cup was presumably used for blessings. Phoebe Halliwell mentioned it was also used in the wedding of Melinda.


In 2001, when Piper Halliwell was about to wed Leo Wyatt, her younger sister Phoebe discovered the cup in the attic of the Halliwell Manor. Piper later used it as the traditional "something old" memento to be part of her wedding.[1]



  • The ornate blessing cup was one of three artifacts shown on the series belonging to Melinda Warren, the others included the Book of Shadows and her Pewter Heart locket used to curse Matthew Tate.


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