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Reckless Abandon


Matthew van Lewen was the infant son of Gilbert and Alexandra van Lewen. In order to protect him from the spirit Elias Lundy, his father abandoned him at the police station.


When Elias became increasingly obsessed with Martha, she began to fear for her family's safety. In order to protect them, she lured Elias out to an old tree and shot him in the back, killing him. Elias returned as a vengeful spirit and began killing the male members of the family. Gilbert initially did not believe his mother until his brother was killed. To protect his son, he left him at the police station, was but later killed himself.


Piper freezing Matthew before he makes a mess.

Phoebe Halliwell found him at the police station and had a premonition. With Darryl Morris' consent, she brought him home to keep him safe. Although they loved babies, the sisters had a hard time taking care of him because of his constant crying, which prompted Piper to freeze him a few times to gain some peace. After Martha killed herself and banished Elias to hell, Matthew was reunited with his mother.

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Matthew van Lewen appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.