Matt Eding
Biographical information

Relationship with Natalie Kent

Physical description




  • High school student
  • Football player
Character information
Only appearance

The Crucible


Matt Eding is a minor character who appeared in the non-canonical novel collection The Warren Witches.


Matt was a high school student who studied science with Marissa Hargrave. He hit on her frequently, despite him being in a relationship with Natalie Kent and her constant refusals to go out with him. Finally, she told the guidance counselor, who in turn told the coach and Matt was benched for a week. When Natalie found out what he had done, she blamed Marissa instead. Though Matt and Natalie stayed together, he seemed to still care for Marissa, as he tried to defend her when Natalie went on her mean streak.


Matt Eding has appeared in a total of 1 novel throughout the course of the franchise.

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