Mason Cowan
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Bob Cowan (father)

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Enter the Demon

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Jacobi Wynne

Phoebe: "Oh, yeah? What else did he say about me?"
Mason: "He said that if he doesn't hurry up and make a social worker, you'll probably quit and start your own agency. That or end up in jail. He wasn't sure which."
Phoebe as Paige, talking to Mason[src]

Mason Cowan is the son of Bob Cowan, the head of the South Bay Social Services. He came to San Francisco to go on a date with Paige Matthews. However, she and Phoebe Halliwell had switched bodies prior to the date, resulting in Phoebe going instead.


Date with Paige

Before Mason came to the manor, Paige was practicing her Potion Making and unknowingly created one that made her switch bodies with her older sister, Phoebe. When Mason arrived at the manor, Phoebe, as Paige, answered the door, although she had no idea who Mason was and nearly shut the door in his face until Paige as Phoebe came and explained to Phoebe who he was and told them to go to Chinatown, where the potion ingredient they needed to switch bodies back were.

At the herb shop, Phoebe tried to find some powdered toadstool. Mason was getting somewhat freaked out being there, but it was also the most fun he had on a date in ages. He asked what the toadstool was for and Phoebe replied it was an aphrodisiac. Phoebe then asked what his father had said about her. Mason replied that his father mentioned that if he did not promote her to social worker, she'd end up starting her own agency, or end up in jail. When Phoebe heard thunder, she realized it was a sign Yen Lo was coming and quickly left.

After switching back, Phoebe told Paige that having Mason around wouldn't be such a bad thing. However, Paige replied that he canceled on her because she wasn't comfortable in her own skin. However, she sought comfort in the fact that it was actually Phoebe he dumped, not her.


Mason Cowan appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.