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Mary Estee was a possible witch who was convicted of using witchcraft, and was burned at the stake during the 17th century. Mary Estee's character was introduced after Piper Halliwell began watching a documentary about witches in 1998. She and her sisters had just become witches, and Piper watched the documentary to learn more about their heritage. Throughout the program, Mary Estee was accused of witchcraft by her neighbors and ran to the chapel for protection. Before she could enter, she was struck by lightning. This caused the villagers to believe that God himself was refusing to let a witch into his home. The documentary caused Piper to question her morality.

Similar to Mary, Piper went to a local church and tried to enter. When her hand almost got hold of the door handle, she heard thunder and quickly ran back to her car. She tried a second time, after talking with Pastor Williams and her younger sister, Phoebe. This time she was confident and succeeded, yelling "I'm Good", upon entering.

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