Marjorie Yarnell
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Betty Warren (original name)


In love with Ronald Galvez

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College student

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Haunted by Desire


Marjorie Yarnell, original name Betty Warren, is a character in the novel Haunted by Desire. She was best friends with Charlotte Logan when she was young.


Betty Warren attended school with best friend Charlotte Logan. She was a member of a wealthy family. Betty fell in love with a young man named Ronald Galvez, and they began dating. Unfortunately, her family disapproved and they decided to elope for love on Halloween night.

After telling Charlotte, the girl plotted to stop them permanently by killing them. She first attacked Betty, then killed Ronald and herself. Betty, however, survived the attack and relocated elsewhere, where she renamed Marjorie Yarnell. She was never able to recall anything that happened and believed her boyfriend to have attacked her due to the rumors.

About 50 years later, Marjorie returned to the same school where she befriended Phoebe Halliwell. On Halloween night, Marjorie recalled everything and confronted Charlotte's spirit. After the Charmed Ones banished Charlotte, Ronald and Marjorie reunite briefly before his spirit moved on. Marjorie realized the sisters were supernatural but decided against asking further questions, content with just knowing that they had solved the puzzle in her heart.


Marjorie Yarnell has appeared in a total of 1 non-canonical novel throughout the franchise.