Margaret Olsen is a prominent character in the novel Hurricane Hex. She is a mortal who has practiced folk magic for much of her life.


Margaret is a retired schoolteacher. She befriended the Grant couple prior to the book's beginning. She is well-practiced in folk magic and natural medicine, and can utilize basic spells and potions, but is unaware of the potential danger she brings with it. She mainly uses her spells for protection and healing, and has shown her knowledge to those around her. She then begins teaching her craft to Sharon, though her husband quietly opposes the idea.

When Hurricane George nears the Florida area, Margaret and Sharon place protection charms around their homes, not knowing natural catastrophes colliding with magic pose unforeseen consequences. She later helps Sharon cast a spell to make Paige stop meddling in her and her husband's problems, but inadvertently affect Piper and Phoebe as well. When the storm begins to hit, Margaret uses a spell to stall it. Piper finds out from Leo that while the spell keeps the storm at bay, it is also siphoning off its magic along with all other magical energies around them. Worse, the other magical items placed around the area start causing unpredicted catastrophic effects due to the storm's electromagnetic effects. Realizing her mistake, she and Sharon burn all the remaining talismans and reverse the stalling spell, after which the storm hits with full power. After four days of shelter, it finally passes.

Sharon and Margaret agree to stop practicing magic after this event.

Physical description

Tall and heavy-set with a gravelly voice that matched her gruff persona. While kind and knowledgeable, she is proud and hates being righted by others.

Powers and Abilities

Basic Powers


Margaret Olsen has appeared in a total of 1 non-canonical novel throughout the franchise.