Prue: "Any idea why she was on the list?"
Phoebe: "Could be because she's a witch. I mean, not a magical witch but a witch practitioner, none the less."
— Prue and Phoebe talking about Marcy Steadwell.[src]

Marcy Steadwell was a non-magical witch practitioner and an innocent targeted by Ms. Hellfire, who, along with Bane Jessup, was in league with Barbas.




Marcy on the list.

On Friday the 13th in 2000, Barbas made a deal that gave him a 24-hour window to break free from purgatory if he could successfully kill 13 unmarried witches in that time. In Hellfire's planner, Marcy was the 10th name on her hit-list right above "P. Halliwell". Hellfire had rigged a bomb set off to explode at Marcy's store at 10am, just a couple of hours after firing into the Halliwell Manor and ultimately being killed by Prue.


That Friday morning, Marcy Steadwell walked down the street and stuck her key into the lock of her new-age bookstore. Just as she was about to open the door, Darryl Morris and Phoebe Halliwell called out to her, making her drop her hands from the doorknob. However, Marcy had already jarred the door and triggered the bomb. Darryl jumped forward and tackled her to the ground the second the bomb exploded, saving her. When she hit the ground, Marcy was all smiles as she had assumed she had managed to cast her first successful spell, believing that Darryl saving her was thanks to a protection spell she had cast.

Critiquing the SistersEdit


Marcy being frozen.

While under the protection of the Charmed Ones, Marcy began to wander around the manor critiquing the sisters and even upsetting Piper by moving around their potion ingredients and questioning if they could cast "a spell that's worth a darn". Marcy was shocked that Piper kept wolfsbane and holy thistle on the same shelf in the cupboard claiming that their harmonics were in complete opposition. She then proceeded to cast a needed (yet, annoying) protective spell for the sisters, which proved to be a dud. Marcy also knew of a spray potion that was meant to cleanse the aura of the house and make it strong, however it was not a magical potion. The last time the Charmed Ones saw Marcy was when she left the manor with Inspector Morris.


Nearly seven years later, Marcy along with a few other innocents, was murdered because her blood was needed to bring about the resurrection of the Source of All Evil.

Marcy's Protection SpellEdit

  • You will need a sage stick.
Light the top of the sage stick and let the smoke fill the room while chanting:
Favour us, Sister Moon with your protective beams.
Give all who dwell within this spell,
safe days and sweet dreams
for those who dwell underneath this roof.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Despite being a practitioner with no magical abilities or immunity to Piper's power of molecular immobilization, she was still targeted by Barbas. This theorizes that she was at least a carrier of witch genetics.


Marcy Steadwell appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

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