"Wait, you're not ready yet? You're still working on the vanquishing potion?"
—Marcus to the sisters.[src]

Marcus was a Whitelighter, noted for being somewhat cowardly and worrisome.


In 2004, the Elders assigned him to help the Charmed Ones by serving as bait in a plan to catch some creature that had been attacking Whitelighters, such as Danny. While Phoebe and her sisters prepared a vanquish potion, he complained to make sure they would be able to protect him, to which Phoebe joked his worrisomeness was the reason the Elders chose him.

The plan was for the creature to appear, and the Charmed Ones would trap it in a Crystal Cage as Marcus orbed out. He was shocked when, with the rising of the Blue Moon, the Charmed Ones themselves turned into the creatures and attacked him. He tried to orb out, but they caught him mid-orb and tackled him to the ground. He managed to throw them inside the crystals, and placed the final one in place activating the cage, as he fell unconscious. The next morning the Charmed Ones woke up in the cage, and saw him unconscious next to it.


Marcus appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.

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