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Power Information

Appear in spirit form






Supportive Power


Manifestation is the ability to keep existing in spirit form after the body has been vanquished, until enough power has been gathered to reform one's body or shape a new one.


The TriadEdit

The Triad possessed this ability, allowing them to survive being vanquished by Cole Turner and resurfacing in new bodies years later. After they were vanquished by the Charmed Ones and Christy one more, the spirits of the Triad were bound to a platform in Magic School. However, they were truly vanquished when the sisters used potions on their spirit forms.

The NecromancerEdit

The Necromancer possessed this ability, allowing him to survive being vanquished. He then remained in spirit form until he could absorb enough spirits to return to solid form.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • This ability is similar to self-resurrection, though instead of instantly returning from the dead, one remains in spirit form for a period of time.

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