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The Man at Coffee Place was a man that had a brief date with Paige.


In Still Charmed and Kicking, Paige went out to look for signs that would lead her to her new life, now that she and her sisters faked their deaths. She was drinking coffee at a coffee place, when she wanted to leave. She stood up, and bumped into a man.

He asked if he could join her, and Paige agreed. The man started to compliment her about her looks, when suddenly a woman started screaming at the other side of the street. A criminal was robbing her purse and ran off. Paige stood up and ran after him. The man still tried to warn her, but Paige didn't listen to him.


The Man at Coffee Place appeared in 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

Season 8

Still Charmed and Kicking
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