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A Tale of Two Pipers


Malagon is an antagonistic character from the novel A Tale of Two Pipers.


In the later 19th century Malagon, a Darklighter, registered his 100th Whitelighter kills and was exalted by the demon realm for his service to black magic. The Source rewarded Malagon by ascending him to demon status but soon regreted this move when Malagon made a play for the Source's throne.

Malagon was banished to a middling realm for his crimes against The Source. For the last century, his Darklighter brethren have attempted to break him free of his purgatory but have yet to find the key.

He was vanquished by the Charmed Ones.

Physical appearance Edit

Malagon was tall and broad as a giant with long, flowing blond hair.


Vanquishing SpellEdit

Blood to blood, ash to ash
Evil spawned from darkness past
By the power of Three we banish thee
Leave this realm, be gone at last


Malagon appeared in a total of 1 book throughout the course of the series.

A Tale of Two Pipers

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