Valen and Fritz meet an ancient demon named Murray, who refers to himself as the guardian of tomes forgotten by time. Murray reveals he knows what they are after and hands them a book that will show them the path to the Ancient Athame. Murray also notes that every evil who had tried to use the blade had also been eradicated by it.

Prue is on the phone with Leo. She is annoyed and feels that her sisters are avoiding her, although Leo tries to assure her that they are just busy. Cole arrives just as the conversation ends, but Prue is in no mood to talk.

Leo calls Piper just as she enters her restaurant. Piper tells him they need to talk to Prue, but she is interrupted by noise from the kitchen. She storms in and finds her kitchen filled with Leprechauns. Piper calls her sisters and Leo and Paige orbs them over. Piper then leaves to finish work, while the others travel to the Green Meadow with the Leprechauns.


Phoebe levitating with Leo.

The Leprechauns take Paige, Phoebe, and Leo to Bevin, who explains that two low-level demons attacked him and each took a shillelagh before destroying the others. Murray then appears and attacks. He claims that he is only the calm before the storm and that death would come for the sisters soon. When the sisters mock his name, Murray angrily attacks, though Phoebe overpowers him and vanquishes him with a potion.

Prue notes how her sisters have barely made contact and tells Cole that she doesn’t feel like herself anymore. She thought she would be done with magic, but now magic is all she has. And it is not even Halliwell magic. Cole replies that he can relate. Prue tells Cole that he has become selfless, but then Cole reveals he has been keeping a secret.

Cole takes Prue to another room in The All and asks her for a favor. He reveals that he still has his father’s soul in his possession, and that he wants to bring him back instead of letting him move on. Prue begins to berate him, but then an alarm reveals intruders in the manor.


Fritz vanquished.

Cole teleports to the manor and enters the basement. There he is attacked by Valen and Fritz, who have obtained the Ancient Athame. The demons try to use the blade on Cole, though Piper arrives and vanquishes Fritz by throwing water on him, causing him to electrocute himself. Valen takes the athame and escapes.

When Phoebe, Paige and Leo return home, they realize the same demons who took two shillelaghs also attacked the manor. Cole asks Leo if he knows about the Ancient Athame. Leo replies it is just a legend, though Cole suspects that Valen has it, meaning they are all in big trouble.

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