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Reversal of Misfortune


The Magical Doctor was a mortal accountant who gained healing abilities after the Darklighter Rennek switched magic from magical beings to mortals globally.


"I wouldn't usually do this in a school nurse's office. Or with the patient's wife looking on. Then again, a wing-ectomy isn't a normal procedure."
—The doctor to Piper.[src]

Working as an accountant first, sometime after the global shift in magic that rendered magical creatures powerless and mortals with powers, this man discovered the gift of healing and changed career to be doctor months later. The doctor came to the Knox Academy to help Piper Halliwell take off Leo Wyatt's wings because the Empyreal Sword was draining his life force. He was unable to take them off, though he managed to repair some of the decay his body had gone through, giving him more time.

He lost his power after balance was restored.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Temporary Powers

  • Healing: During the magical switch, this doctor gained the magical ability to heal others. However, his power was unable to help Leo Wyatt when his life force was being drained through his wings.


The Magical Doctor appeared in 1 comic issue over the course of the series.

Season 9
Reversal of Misfortune

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