A nightclub popular among demons and other evil beings




Luscious is a nightclub in an unknown location, though it may possibly be in San Francisco. It is believed to be a very popular club for demons and other evil beings. For this reason, magic can be used openly in the club.


Charmed Lives

At another busy night for the club, Neena and Hogan were waiting on Weasel, a little demon. He would bring them a map that would lead them to one of the entrances to the Underworld.

While they were waiting on Weasel, the pair was interrupted by an Angel of Destiny. She informed them that their plans were not a part of the Grand Design. Not soon after she spoke those words, the angel was sent through a portal by Neena.

To distract the crowd, Hogan used his discord power to create conflict between the people. Finally, Weasel arrived and handed the map over to Hogan. However, Weasel had been grabbing Neena's ass and she killed him with a stream of fire.