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Ludlow's Demonic Training Academy

A evil school protected by charms.


Train magical beings how to use their powers for evil.


San Francisco

Demonic Guard: "The Academy is protected by charms which means you can't find the place unless you're looking for it. Kill them. "
Piper: "Whoa. Whoa. Whoa."
— The Demonic Guard explains the Academy is protected by evil charms. [src]

Ludlow's Demonic Training Academy is surrounded by an impenetrable magical barrier protecting it from good magical beings from entering it, as well as being guarded by Upper-Level Demons, Ludlow's Demonic Academy is a gated magical institution protected by evil charms making it a place you can't locate unless you are looking for it; however it is located on the physical plane.

Ludlow is head master at the school, under the orders of The Source of All Evil. He foresees all operations and goings on within the Academy. It can be assumed that this institution is similar to the Magic School that the forces of Good uses to train and educate young good magical beings; the only difference is in this Academy young magical beings learn to uses their powers for evil purposes, they are trained to use them to assist the Source in his battle against Good.

In 2002 Ludlow kidnapped a Firestarter named Tyler Michaels and attempted to convert him to the Dark Side and use his powers to protect the Source; Firestarters are often trained to be bodyguards of the Source. At the Academy Ludlow lay Tyler on a table, froze him and began performing dark magic on him that would render him demonic.


Posing as Demonic Bounty Hunters, in an attempt to save Tyler, Piper, Leo and he orbed to the Academy, not knowing there would be Guards protecting it. As they tried to enter, two Guards appeared and asked what they were doing at the Academy. Piper told him that she and Leo were Bounty Hunters bringing Tyler to Ludlow. One of the Guards then asked them for the password required for him to let them in. Piper then blew up the other Guard; the first Guard said that that was the password and let them enter.


  • Despite the fact that the barrier was seemingly impenetrable, Piper was able to blow up the gate due to her heightened emotional state hearing Tyler screaming.
  • Ludlow's Academy is one of two demonic academies to appear on the show, the other being Kellman's Academy in "Wrestling with Demons".


Ludlow's Demonic Training Academy only appeared in 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

Season 4
Lost and Bound

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