The Stillman Sisters

Paige: "You're a low-level demon, you're not supposed to have that power."
Zahn: "Lady, I haven't been low-level in years. Not since I started trading souls for powers."
Paige and Zahn mention power levels.[src]

Lower-Level (or low-level) is a term used to classify weak magical beings, such as witcheswarlocks and demons. These beings generally possess less or weaker powers and are more vulnerable to harm than upper-level beings.

Low-Level demonsEdit


Level Two Demons

Also referred to as Base-Level demons, these demons are on the penultimate rank of the Demonic Hierarchy. These demons are often employed by upper-level demons, such as the Level Two Demons working for Litvack.[1]

"Because upper-level demons have a human form, and they bleed red, not green."
—Cole to Phoebe.[src]

Upper-Level demons have red blood, while lower-Level demons such as Scavenger Demons and the Kevmay bleed green. However, the Source of All Evil bled black.

Only a select few of low-level demons have earned an entry in the Halliwells' Book of Shadows, likely because they are easily vanquished and pose no serious threat. Demons can ascend their low status by gaining more powers. For example, Zahn was originally considered lower-level until he started obtaining powers by trading souls.[2]

Examples of Low-Level BeingsEdit





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