Love is a Burning Thing
Issue Information
Issue 8
Volume Volume Two
Published May 20, 2015
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Love is a Burning Thing is the 8th issue of the Charmed Comics: Season 10 published by Zenescope Entertainment.


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When Tyler Michaels discovers his powers evolving beyond that of a firestarter, he seeks out Paige, who has disturbing answers for him. Meanwhile, Coop and Henry plot to pull off the impossible... and they just might have to call on a newly empowered Tyler for help.

As a new arc begins in Season Ten, the truth about Prue's isolation at the hands of her sisters will come to light. Everything is about to change!






Magical Notes



  • Orbing: Used by Paige as means of transportation.
  • Portal Creation: Unintentionally used by Tyler to burn holes in reality.

Notes and Trivia


Piper's visions of the future.

  • "Love is a buring thing" is a lyric in the song "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash. This title also appears to represented in the cover of the issue, showing Paige in front of a ring of fire.
  • The Charmed Ones don't appear together in any scene of the issue.
  • Paige is the only Charmed One that uses her powers.
  • Paige and Tyler discover he's not a Firestarter as previously believed, but an Archai, a species believed to be eliminated in the early 1100s.
  • When Piper is talking to Leo about her vision, several scenes from "Forever Charmed" are seen; adult Wyatt and Chris brewing a potion, Phoebe going into labor with her third daughter and an elderly Piper reading to her granddaughter.



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