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Little Red Riding Hood
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Piper Halliwell

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Unnamed grandmother

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Red Cloak



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Happily Ever After

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Holly Marie Combs (Due to Piper taking the role of Red Riding Hood)

"Well, we can't. But maybe Little Red Riding Hood can. I knew I was gonna have to put on this stupid thing sooner or later."
Piper to Leo and Grams.[src]

Little Red Riding Hood is a titular character based on the Fairy Tale of the same name. When the Wicked Witch from the Magic Mirror brought the fairy tales to life, Piper Halliwell took the part of Little Red Riding Hood and faced The Big Bad Wolf.[1]


Knowing that Piper was scrying for her, the Wicked Witch placed a lock of her hair on the cloak from Little Red Riding Hood and left it for Piper to find. When she and Leo find it, Piper realized she was led astray.

Meanwhile, the Big Bad Wolf attacked Grams and devoured her whole before taking her place. When Piper returned, she was unaware of the fact that she was talking to the wolf and was also devoured whole. When the wolf tried to escape, Piper blew it up from the inside, freeing Grams and herself.

Piper later wore the cloak as she confronted the Wicked Witch and vanquished her, after which she returned the cloak to the apprentice.

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