Literary Manipulation Spell
Literary Manipulation
Power Information

Allows for rapid information retention of books


Hold hands over text




Passive Power


Literary Manipulation is the ability to scan and absorb the content of a book at a rapid speed, simply by holding hands over the text. Users of this ability are able to control the book, making it flip from page to page at high speed. Often when this power is used, thoughts can be heard echoing through the user’s mind, however they are so fast that they are not understandable to anyone but the user. When Whitelighters use this ability, their hands glow the same as when they use Healing.

List of beings who use(d) Literary ManipulationEdit

Original power
Through spell, potion, power, stealing, etc.


  • Prue Halliwell was able to use her power of Telekinesis to rapidly scan the Book of Shadows with high precision, though she was not able to absorb the information. Presumably all skilled users of this power could potentially do this.

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