Light of the World
Light of the world
This diamond isn't a girl's best friend…
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Scott Ciencin

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Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing

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Season 6

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Light of the World is the 36th book in the Charmed novel series.

It takes place between Season 6 Episode 3 "Forget Me...Not" and Episode 16 "The Courtship of Wyatt's Father", as Wyatt has already summoned a dragon, but Paige still has strawberry blond hair.


From sea to sea to shining sea,
I bade that she come back to me—
Without her look, without her face,
I bade I too would leave this place.

The Charmed Ones couldn't be happier—Phoebe and Piper's childhood friend Lyssa is getting married and has asked them to be bridesmaids! They're thrilled to support her at her wedding, and jump at the chance to get away to the seaside for a little while.

The ceremony will take place in Serenity Cove's beautiful old lighthouse, which is rumored to be haunted by the vengeful spirit of the lighthouse keeper who lost his true love at sea—one hundred years ago, on the date of Lyssa's wedding. The Halliwell sisters ignore the rumors… until, that is, they notice the strange behavior of Lyssa's fiancé. He seems to have become obsessed with Lyssa's family heirloom, a strange and beautiful diamond called the Light of the World. Can the Charmed Ones disclose his true identity and intentions before their friend says "I do" to Mr. Wrong?




  • Wyatt Halliwell: Piper and Leo's firstborn son. He has powers beyond everyone's comprehension.
  • Lyssa Ainsley: Piper and Phoebe's childhood friend.
  • Lighthouse Keeper: A vengeful spirit who used to guard the Light of the World.
  • Chet: A grumpy and pessimistic nixie.
  • Harry: The nixie leader.
  • Steve: A nixie.
  • Sea Nymph: She was summoned by the Lighthouse Keeper to impersonate Phoebe while she was imprisoned.
  • James Agatt: Lyssa's fiancé, possessed by the Keeper. Oxford professor. He was an orphan.
  • Trudy: Spirit and the Keeper's lost love.


  • Sea Demon: A shapeshifting creature that seemed to possess a dark hold over the ocean, and has agreed to a deal with the Lighthouse Keeper in exchange for his services.
  • Bethilda May Lynn: Raven haired. Local actress who dreams of ending up on the stage of Broadway and in Hollywood. She has a tendency to feel easily offended.
  • Razvan Demons: Demons who fought the Charmed Ones.
  • Old Mavis: An old lady who owns a bakery. She is constantly being pranked by children and would chase them away with her broom.
  • Flavia Tyler: Designs Lyssa's dress. Owns the Nouveau Ricia.
  • Roy Whittaker: Underwater painter.
  • Jenna Marsten: Author of the Serenity Cove Lighthouse Mystery. Owns and runs the local honeymoon cottages. She used to be a hippie, once participated in horse-riding championships, but lost interest after she started dating boys. Failed five marriages.
  • Bob Ainsley: Lyssa's dad. Retired plumber. Likes to quote lines from old movies, break into Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dances, and give lifestyle suggestions to Lyssa's friends. Inherited a fortune from a diseased relative years ago.
  • Ada Ainsley: Lyssa's mom. Former nurse. Likes to quote lines from old movies, break into Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dances, and give lifestyle suggestions to Lyssa's friends. Inherited a fortune from a diseased relative years ago.
  • Tom: James's best man.
  • Simon Blaze: A half-incubus and the bachelorette party entertainer hired by Phoebe for the party. His powers involve Luring and Pyrokinesis.
  • Connie: Massage therapist.
  • Elaine: African-American dance instructor.
  • Bernadette: Lyssa's blond part-time catalog model friend.
  • Sheriff Buck Elias: The local sheriff. He answered Piper's call when she was calling Jenna Marsten's number.
  • Jenna's Assistant: Elderly lady who tells the sisters what happened to Jenna's house after she was attacked.
  • Pub Owner: Owns the Wagon Wheel Pub. Argued about payment and cleaning deposit with Piper after his pub was ransacked by nixies. His three daughters also work there.


Magical Notes

Book of Shadows

  • There is an entry on nixies, but its content is unknown.


To Trap a Nixie in Water Form

(needs potion)
Imprisoned be
Mr. Water-ee

To Drive Nixies Away

Those who just fell like rain.
Begone, begone down the drain.

To Undo a Binding Spell

For those who don't want to stick around
Your freedom's at hand and shall be found.

To Summon a Sea Demon

Dwellers of the deep, progenitors of evil on a million worlds,
architects of pain and misery from beyond the stars, I call upon thee…
Send your emissary from his watery tomb, from his crypt of suffering and madness,
so that he may consecrate my unholy plans
and make of this village an unhallowed grave so dark and terrible
that all in a thousand realities will treble when they hear its name!
Come, I beseech you, come now!

Separation Spell

I know you now
O thing of terror.
So separate now
From your wearer!

Discord Spell

Let those who gaze upon this light
Know misery and anger
And fight, fight, fight!

Summoning Spell

Power of Three spell
Powers that be
We sisters three
Call on thee
Light the way
For one lost that day
Bring her here and now—with truth to say!



  • Book of Shadows: The Halliwell family's tome of spells and information.
  • Light of the World: A large yellow gem necklace owned by Lyssa's family. It has the ability to amplify spells thousandfold, and was enchanted by its creators to avoid magical sensors.

Notes and Trivia

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International Titles

  • Dutch: Licht van de wereld (Light of the world)