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Terra's Essence Piper
Life Essence
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Artifical Beings

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Coyote Piper

Portrayed By

Paige Rowland (Terra)


Life Essences are artificial, non-corporeal beings comparable to a human soul. Life Essences cannot survive without possessing a host body or being contained in an Essence Bearer. However, these essences are toxic and will eventually kill the host's soul if they stay too long. Once possessing a body, the essence will gain access to all the powers possessed by their host, if they can control them.

The only way a Life Essence can leave a body is if the host's body dies. However, they can also be extracted through certain spells.


Main article: Terra

In 2001, a Life Essence named Terra escaped her creator Kierkan and desired freedom. She eventually possessed Piper Halliwell, though she was later expelled and destroyed without a host body to survive.


To Expel a Life EssenceEdit

(Power of Three Spell)

Host soul, reject this poison essence,
Let love's light end this cruel possession.


A Life Essence appeared in a total 1 episode through the course of the series.

Season 3
Coyote Piper

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