Lieutenant Sanchez
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Lieutenant of the San Francisco Police Department

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Payback's a Witch

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Alex Fernandez


Lieutenant Sanchez is an officer of the San Francisco Police Department. He was the commanding officer and negotiator during a hostage situation at a bank in 2006.


When a bank refused to give Nick Edwards, a veteran and ex-con, a loan, he drove his car into the bank and took everyone hostage. Among the hostages were Henry Mitchell, his parole officer, Paige Matthews and Billie Jenkins. In order to prevent people from getting hurt, Paige had her sisters call Agent Murphy at Homeland Security so the police would give in to Nick's demands while Henry tried to talk him down.

Lieutenant Sanchez was surprised that he had to agree to Nick's demands but did as he was asked. He later allowed Nick's son, Justin, to talk to his father on the Phone when Piper Halliwell brought him to the bank. However, when there was a gun shot and Henry was injured, Sanchez told his men he was done negotiating if the hostage died.

Unknown to the police forces, the hostage situation was later taken over by Rohtul. When his plans failed, he escaped with Billie as a hostage and fled the scene in the helicopter that had arrived earlier on Nick's demand.


Lt. Sanchez appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.

Season 8
Payback's a Witch

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