Let Gorgons Be Gorgons
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Paul Ruditis

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HarperCollins Canada

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Between seasons 9-10

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The War on Witches


Let Gorgons Be Gorgons is the second in a series of e-book novels written by Paul Ruditis and published by Harper Collins Canada. The book was released in four separate parts on September 29th 2015 and then released as a whole on February 2nd, 2016. The story is set in between the ninth and tenth seasons of Charmed.


When Piper, Phoebe, and Paige undo a spell that turned a local politician to stone, they enlist the help of their sister, Prue, confined on the magical Nexus, not realizing the powerful magic behind the hex. As attacks on Innocents mount, the Charmed Ones learn that the most heinous of mythical creatures—a Gorgon—is to blame.

Freed from her underground tomb, Medusa joins her sisters in a crusade to avenge womankind, turning those who cross her to stone forever. At the same time, dark magic seems to be undoing all of Phoebe’s good works, distracting her from the impending battle with the Gorgons. With time running out, will the sisters be able to defeat Medusa and restore their Innocents to life?

Inspired by the hit televisions series of Charmed, the new novel Charmed: Let Gorgons Be Gorgons continues the story of the Halliwell witches. With only the Book of Shadows to guide them, the Halliwell sisters are the fulfillment of their ancestor Melinda Warren’s prophecy that three sisters descending from her line would become the most powerful witches of all time. The sisters use the Power of Three to protect the Innocent and banish evil from the Earthly realm.





  • Rachel and Jal: Reporters and soon-to-be couple working at The Bay Mirror.
  • Cerberus: Hellhound guarding the River Styx.
  • Brianna Jordan: Real estate agent who wedded her husband with Phoebe officiating the marriage. She and her husband fell under Dafydd's spell and their marriage fell apart.
  • Congressman Ward: A politician who gets petrified by one of the gorgon sisters.


  • Marsha: Dafydd's object of obsession.
  • Elise Rothman: Editor-in-chief of The Bay Mirror and Phoebe's friend. She knows her family's secret.
  • The Source of All Evil: The ruler of the Underworld and all supernatural evil forces. He was vanquished by the Charmed Ones.
  • Keon Jordan: Keon wedded Brianna with Phoebe officiating the marriage. He and his wife fell under Dafydd's spell and their marriage fell apart.
  • The Titans: Ancient gods who were entombed. According to Leo and Cole, there were more Titans entombed in the ice cave, but only Meta, Cronus and Demitrius were released.
  • Perseus: The demigod who beheaded Medusa.
  • Athena: Mortal at first, she was bestowed the power of the gods by the Elders to battle the Titans. After the Titans were entombed, Athena and the rest of the mortals declared themselves gods. She cursed Medusa and her sisters and turned them into gorgons.
  • Eros: The first Cupid and the original Greek god of love.
  • Victor Bennett: Prue, Piper, and Phoebe's father.

Magical Notes


To Free a Petrified Man

Power of Three spell augmented by the All
The Power of Three will set you free.
The Power of Three will set you free.
The Power of Three will set you free.


  • Reality Warping: Used by Prue to set and clear the dinner table, make a chair disappear, widen her sofa, and duplicate a statue. She was also able to intercept the gorgon’s next plan and sense their location.
  • Hovering: Used by Prue to hover while mediating and trying to sense the Gorgons' next move.
  • Premonition: Used by Phoebe to summon a vision of a congressman being attacked by holding a mobile phone showing a photo.
  • Channeling: Used by Stheno and Euryale to channel the power of the Charmed Ones and the Nexus of the All.
  • Petrification: Used by the gorgon sisters.
  • Orbing: Used by Paige to orb from place to place.
  • Telekinetic Orbing: Used by Paige.
  • Empathy: Used by Phoebe to sense the emotions of those around her.
  • Dusting: Used by Cole to teleport from place to place.
  • Beaming: Used by Coop to teleport from place to place.
  • Molecular Immobilization: Used by Piper.


Notes and Trivia

  • According to the gorgon sisters, there is an opening in Greece that leads to the Underworld.