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A Call to Arms

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Once in a Blue Moon

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Leslie St. Claire is a mortal and was a temporary love interest to Phoebe Halliwell. He was temporarily hired by Elise to ghost write Ask Phoebe at The Bay Mirror when Phoebe took a sabbatical in 2004.

History Edit

Being Hired Edit


Leslie meeting Phoebe.

After Phoebe found out she had accidentally given the same advice twice, Elise advised her to take a sabbatical. She then hired Leslie to ghost-write the column. Phoebe, under the impression that Leslie was a woman, was surprised to find out he was a man and didn't believe he could write a woman's column. However, she was attracted to him, which caused her to passionately kiss him when she was affected by the love of Shakti and Shiva after the gods had possessed Piper and Leo. She later decided to give him the benefit of the doubt after reading his first column.[1]

Writing Ask Phoebe Edit

Phoebe and Leslie butted heads when Phoebe wanted to publish a column about breastfeeding after she and Piper were asked to leave a restaurant when Piper fed Chris in public. She placed her own letter on top of the pile of letters, though he figured her out. Later, when the timeline was altered, Phoebe found out she was married to Leslie in that timeline and that they had children. After time was restored, Phoebe rode to the restaurant as Lady Godiva to prove her point about breastfeeding. Leslie witnessed her actions and was inspired to write about it.[2]

While preparing to face Captain Black Jack Cutting, Phoebe sought to learn more about pirates through movies. Leslie then revealed he knew quite a lot about them due to watching those movies with his father while growing up. At the same time, he won a contest where the prize was going out on a date with Phoebe, but concealed it from her. When she stood him up to save her sister, he was frustrated and the two argued later that evening. The argument immediately turned sexual, and the two tried to see where things would go afterwards.[3]

Leave Edit

Leslie never found out that Phoebe and her sisters are witches, though he believed Piper might be working for the government due to her supposed death.[4] Leslie and Phoebe realized their relationship wasn't going anywhere, and he left San Francisco when Phoebe's sabbatical ended.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Though his last name was confirmed by the producers, he never used it on-screen.
  • Phoebe was shocked to learn her ghost writer was a man. Leslie then joked that his parents were expecting a girl as well.
  • Leslie is the second love interest that Phoebe meets at The Bay Mirror building. She first dated Jason Dean, who owned the paper, and later dated Dex Lawson, who had a studio in the same building.



Leslie St. Claire has appeared in a total of 6 episodes throughout the series.


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