Death CountEdit

Leo has died a total of 3 times, 2 of which were shown throughout the course of the series.

Image Episode Episode Name Cause Of Death Revival
4x17-Leo1942 Prior to Season 1 Saving Private Leo Bombed by enemy fire during World War II. Became a Whitelighter.
3x13-LeoDead 3x13 Bride and Gloom Encased in ice by Piper while she was a warlock and shattered into several pieces by a kick from Phoebe. Piper was turned good again and all the magic they had done was reversed.
7x13-LeoDead 7x13 Charmageddon Taken out of existence by the Avatars for causing conflict. Time was reversed by the Avatars.

Notes Edit

  • Leo has the lowest death count among the main cast.

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