Leo Evil
Leo Wyatt
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May 6th, 1924


November 14th, 1942


Married to Piper Halliwell

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Dirty Blonde

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First appearance

It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World, Part 1

Last appearance

It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World, Part 2

Portrayed By

Brian Krause

"Everything seems the same, but kinda different, you know? It’s cleaner, it’s happier, it’s more civilized."
—The evil Leo to Chris[src]

This Leo Wyatt is from the Parallel World. He is the complete opposite of the "real" Leo Wyatt. He and Chris traveled to the good world because of Gideon.


Traveling to the Good World


Leo and Chris go to the Good World

As their potion didn't work, the evil Charmed Ones used Gideon's spell and they went to the Good World. There, confused about what had happened, Evil Chris conjured his crossbow to attack. They orbed to the Golden Gate Bridge, and discussed their plan to get back to their own world. They decided to make this world's Darryl talk to the sisters to help them return home.

Fighting with Darryl and Capture


Chris and Leo gets captured

The Evil Leo and Chris fought Darryl, overpowering him easily with magic. Darryl didn't want to hurt Chris and Leo, thinking that they were under a spell. When he finally draws his gun to force them back, Chris orbed it out. Just as he was about to shoot, Phoebe and Paige trapped in a Crystal Cage them and brought them back to Magic School. Later, good Chris brought them to the portal and they successfully crossed back to their world. However, as it turned out, the good Charmed Ones' deeds in the parallel world disrupted the Grand Design, causing one world to become overly good and the other overly evil.

Saving the World

6x23 17

Good Leo and Evil Leo

Evil Leo found Gideon's Mirror and met with good Leo. They decided to go after Gideon to save Wyatt Halliwell, who had been kidnapped. Since they were paralyzed by hope/fear moments before their respective Wyatts were taken, they realized their Gideons were working with Barbases (the demon of fear in the world of good, and hope in the evil one). They later found the Wyatts, and Good Leo orbs the mirror to the Underworld. Evil Leo, knowing his doppelgänger had to be the one to commit an act of great evil to restore balance, sat back and watched as their respective Gideons were destroyed.

After killing Gideon, both Leos bade farewell to each other, urging themselves to keep watching over their family.

Powers and Abilities

Active Powers
  • Black Orbing:The ability to teleport through the use of black orbs.
  • Energy Balls: The ability to generate spheres of energy.


Evil Leo appeared in a total of 2 episodes over the course of the series.