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Past Leo
Leo's Past Life
Biographical information



May 6th, 1924 (as Leo Wyatt)

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Hair color

Dirty Blond

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Character information
Only appearance

Pardon My Past

Portrayed By

Leo's Past Life (died 1924) was a mortal, who had an affair with P. Baxter prior to his death.



Leo's Past Life was in love with P. Baxter (the former incarnation of Piper Halliwell), but the woman eventually broke up with him and fell in love with Gordon Johnson. However, they had an affair which Gordon may have known about, but Priscilla broke it up after she was married. 

In 1924, the Warlock Anton glamoured into Leo's past life in order to infiltrate the speakeasy and lure P. Baxter away from the public so he could kill her and take her power.

He died at some point between February 17th and May 6th[1], and was reincarnated as Christopher Wyatt's eldest son, Leo, in San Francisco.


Leo's Past Life had only appeared in 1 episode throughout the franchise.

Season 2
Pardon My Past

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. As he was presumably alive in February 1924, and his future life was born in May that year, he must have died some time before then.

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