Laser Bolts
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Burn targets upon contact


Point hand, finger, or claw




Offensive Power

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Laser Bolts are highly concentrated bolts of light or energy that can vary in intensity and appearance. These bolts are capable of burning a target upon contact and causing it to combust. The ability to throw Laser Bolts is commonly possessed by Harpies, though other magical beings may possess it as well.[1]

This power is often mistaken for the ability to throw Light Darts due to their similar appearance.


Bite MeEdit

A Harpy threw a Laser Bolt and blew a hole in the outer wall of the Halliwell Manor and caused a couch to combust. The same Harpy tried to kill Phoebe Halliwell with this ability, though Phoebe moved her hand in the opposite direction and the dart destroyed the grand piano instead.

The Fifth HalliwheelEdit

When Paige Matthews temporarily gained this power, she destroyed a dollhouse in the manor attic. She later destroyed a mirror in the sitting room and then threw a laser bolt at a photo of Phoebe and Cole. Finally, Paige tried to kill Cole with this ability, though this was thwarted by Phoebe and her power was later extracted.

List of beings who use(d) Laser BoltsEdit

Original power
Through spell, potion, power, stealing, etc.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Laser Bolts and Light Darts were long presumed to be the same power and can still cause some confusion due to their similar appearances.
  • Although never mentioned on screen, the name of this power was revealed in the script for the Season 4 episode "Bite Me".


  1. Based on the fact that a Demonic Power Broker stored this ability in Paige Matthews. ("The Fifth Halliwheel").
  2. Stored in her by a Demonic Power Broker.