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Anigif knowledgeabsorbtion
Knowledge Absorption
Power Information

Absorbs another's knowledge


Touch victim




Offensive Power


Knowledge Absorption is the power to absorb any knowledge held within a person's minds.


The Collectors harnessed this power by using a needle-like finger that was used to pierce a victim's temple. They were capable of extracting specific amounts of knowledge; leaving some victims in a state of permanent dementia, while others simply had a temporary lapse in memory. The Collectors were also able to restore the knowledge that they had taken in the exact same fashion as they would steal it. Prue and Piper managed to take advantage of this power and use it against them, tricking them into using their needles on each other, which ultimately destroyed them both.

The Seekers also exercised this ability by biting into their victim's brain stems with their vampire-like teeth. The Seekers' way of using this power was more offensive than that of The Collectors; extracting the knowledge in a gruesome, painful and ultimately fatal way, often interrogating and terrifying their victim beforehand. This process leaves a two-pronged bite wound at the base of the victim's skull and can cause their brain to spill out afterwards.


The Seekers's way of using this power.

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