Anigif knowledgeabsorbtion
Knowledge Absorption
Power Information

Absorbs another's knowledge


Touch victim




Offensive Power

"They are a warlock breed that drains knowledge out of peoples' brains with that weird finger I saw."
Phoebe to Piper about the Collectors.[src]

Knowledge Absorption is the power to absorb any knowledge held within a person's mind.



The Seekers' way of using this power.

The Collectors were capable of stealing knowlede by piercing their victims' temple with a needle-like finger. They were capable of extracting specific amounts of knowledge; leaving some victims in a state of permanent dementia, while others simply had a temporary lapse in memory. They could also restore the knowledge the same way.[1]

The Seekers can steal information by feeding on their victims brain-stem cells. They gain access to the cells by biting down at the base of the skull. Unlike the method used by the Collectors, this method will kill victims almost instantly.[2]

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