The manor is besieged by reporters, among them, an attack dog named Seth Perra. Billie is after a demon, the Dogan, and persuades the sisters to let her go after him, since the press doesn't know her. Piper turns three reporters into rats.

Phoebe has taken a pregnancy test and it was positive; but Dex has reacted badly to her being a witch and she doesn't know how to tell him. Their marriage has been annulled.


Billie tracks down the Dogan and is listening to him talking with another demon, Tomar, when the memory of her sister's kidnapping comes back to her. She freezes and drops her potion bottles, the demons hear, and she has to flee. At the manor, Billie admits to freezing up, and overhears Phoebe and Piper saying that she's not ready to fight demons.

Billie goes to the Book of Shadows and uses a spell to erase her childhood memory. She tracks the Dogan and Tomar down, but he gestures and the spell is broken; he takes her potions and she flees.


Paige orbs into Seth Perra's bedroom while he's sleeping. She assumes the ghostly appearance of Carol Flowers, a source for one of his stories who was killed, because he exposed her. She warns him about harming innocent people again.

Billie tries the anti-fear spell again. She finds the Dogan and throws several potions, badly injuring him. He flames into Magic School to escape.

Paige calls to the Elders for help with the reporters; one comes down and refuses to help, but suggests showing the reporters an ordinary, boring life. She leads the reporters into the manor, to the surprise of Phoebe, Piper and Leo. She shows them all the mundane stuff around the house, including a spat between Piper and Leo. In the attic, she carefully stands in front of the Book of Shadows and none of the reporters notice it. At last, the reporters leave.

Phoebe has retaken her pregnancy test and the new one is negative.

Paige notices the Book open to the anti-fear spell and fears for Billie. She orbs to Billie's room, where the Dogan is beating her up, and orbs her back to the manor. She tells the sisters about Christy: she had been abducted by a demon, and was never allowed to talk about it. The Dogan shimmers into the attic, and shimmers out with Billie; but she throws a potion, vanquishing him.

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