Kazl and Zyke
Biographical information

2005; the Underworld

Physical description

Celerity Demons



Magical characteristics
Active powers

Celerity Demon Powers

Character information
First appearance

Ordinary Witches

Last appearance

Extreme Makeover: World Edition

Portrayed By

Kazl and Zyke were two of the three Celerity Demons responsible for the deaths of Jack and Ruth Brody. They were later vanquished by Zankou to win the trust and cooperation of Kyle Brody to defeat the Avatars.


Along with Aku, Kazl and Zyke targeted Jack and Ruth Brody in 1981 after the couple retrieved some ancient potions from Egypt. The demons wanted to use the potions to protect themselves from the Avatars, so they attacked Jack and Ruth at an airport warehouse and killed them. In the struggle, the potions were destroyed, so the demons retreated.

In 2005, Zankou lured Kazl and Zyke to his lair, where they were confronted by Kyle Brody for killing his parents. Zankou then vanquished the demons to gain Kyle's cooperation in his fight against the Avatars.


Kazl and Zyke appeared in a total of 2 episodes over the course of the series.

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