Kay E. Kuter
Kay E. Kuter
Actor Information

Kay E. Kuter


Los Angeles, California

Birth date

April 25, 1925


Keeper of the Fairy Tales


Season 5


Kay E. Kuter portrays the Keeper of the Fairy Tales in the Season 5 episode Happily Ever After.

Biography Edit

Kay E. Kuter was born in Los Angeles, California on April 25, 1925. He graduate of Van Nuys High School (California) 1943, which also spawned other Hollywood luminaries: Jane Russell, Marilyn Monroe, Robert Redford and many other stars. He has directed more than 50 plays and appeared in over 200 stage productions. He died on November 12, 2003 in Burbank, California.

Career Edit

  • Guys and Dolls
  • Zorro
  • The Texan
  • Two Faces West
  • Petticoat Junction
  • Green Acres
  • Kung Fu
  • Dallas
  • V
  • Gross Anatomy
  • Baywatch
  • The X Files
  • Frasier
  • Charmed
  • ER
  • Forbidden Warrior

External links Edit

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