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Prue: "How did you do that? "
Phoebe: "I searched the Chronicles databases for all articles on car accidents in the area and voila, there it was. February, 1989. Um, unfortunately it took me a while to access it and I sort of forgot to tell you that Claire was looking for you. "
Phoebe tells Prue about her findings[src]

Jimmy whom was presumably born around 1975 was a mortal man who dated Phoebe sometime in her teenage years. While with her, he drove a 65 Lincoln. She referred to him as her first boyfriend.[1]

History Edit

"I also recognized the car. ’65 Lincoln. My first boyfriend, Jimmy, used to drive one just like it."
Phoebe talking about Jimmy[src]

Jimmy was mentioned by his ex, Phoebe when she received a premonition of a car crashing off a bridge, killing the driver instantly. She explained to her sister, Prue that she noticed the make of the car in the vision, a '65 Lincoln, which is the car Jimmy used to drive.


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