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Jack and Ruth Brody
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1981; New York airport

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Kyle Brody (son)


Professors at Columbia University

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Ordinary Witches

Portrayed By

Jon Hamm and Jessica Steen


Jack and Ruth Brody were the parents of Kyle Brody. Both were professors at the University of Columbia. They were tragically killed in 1981 by a group of demons after obtaining a rare Egyptian artifact. Their deaths drove their son to seek revenge against the Avatars, whom he held responsible for the murder.



In 1981, Jack and Ruth were studying what they believed were ancient Egyptian bottles containing healing balms. They ordered a shipment to be sent to the University.

Seeking answers surrounding his parents' deaths, Kyle Brody and Paige Matthews are sent back in time by Leo Wyatt. They arrived just as Ruth arrived in a cab with a younger version of Kyle. Upon seeing Kyle, Ruth fainted and was taken to her office. Once there, she explained that she passed out because Kyle resembled her father so much. Jack then arrived and got a phone call about a shipment from Cairo. They learned the entire shipment would be destroyed unless it was identified, so they quickly left for the warehouse with their son.

Their Untimely Deaths

Jack and Ruth arrived at a loading dock at JFK International airport and Jack signed for the shipment. They then examined the bottles and Ruth told Kyle to go get a soda, as it would take a while. Just after young Kyle left, a group of Celerity Demons appeared.

The leader of the demons, Aku, fired an Energy Ball and killed the customs agent. The box containing the bottles fell and they were nearly all destroyed. Ruth tried to run, but was impaled before she could. Jack then returned and was stabbed in the back. Believing all the potions destroyed, the demons then left. Young Kyle then returned and found his murdered parents. He then found the last remaining bottle in his father's hand and took it.

Effects of their Murder

As he grew up, Kyle studied the potion and his parents' journals and learned about the Avatars. Due to their connection to the bottles, he wrongly believed them to be responsible and sought to avenge them. This drove him to become an FBI agent and eventually led him to the Charmed Ones. Due to them traveling back in time, Kyle learned the demons were in fact responsible. However, he continued to work against the Avatars, which led to this own death and subsequent rebirth as a Whitelighter.



Jack and Ruth Brody appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.

Season 7
Ordinary Witches