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Just Harried

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Franc Ross (uncredited)


Jack was a mortal criminal who often hung out at the same bar. Cole Turner sensed he had the heart of a true killer.


After astral Prue was harassed by some guy outside of a bar, she beat him up and disappeared when her true self woke up. However, the guy she fought was later found stabbed to death. As the fight was caught on camera, Prue soon became the only suspect and the police set out to arrest her. When astral Prue appeared at the bar the following day, she was arrested by inspector Krutchen, though she disappeared again.

Later that day, Prue was arrested again after the police stormed the manor and she was taken to the police station. Meanwhile, Cole and Leo set out to find the real killer and Cole was able to sense the evil inside Jack. He confronted him outside and intimidated him into confessing by turning into Belthazor, after which Darryl Morris arrested him.


Jack appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.

Season 3
Just Harried