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J.D Williams
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November 6th, 2005

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The Lost Picture Show

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Jay Kenneth Johnson


Jonathan David "J.D." Williams was one of Sam's charges, a Whitelighter-to-be. 



He disappeared somewhere in 1955, trapped inside a photograph by a demon named Vaklav. That demon feeds of of the pain of the family members of the people he traps in his photograph. 

Escape from VaklavEdit

When all of his family passed away, Vaklav released him from his capture to make place for a new victim. Vaklav attempted to kill him, but J.D. managed to escape, only to got hit by a car outside Vaklav's shop.

He was taken to safety by Sam and Paige. Billie kept him safe and in the dark about his situation until he discovered everything including his father's death and that magic exists. When Sam got captured by Vaklav, J.D. tried to sacrifice himself to save him, but got himself killed before he had the chance to. When Paige talks to her father about J.D, he says that he fulfilled his destiny by trying to not only help save Sam but also sacrificing himself for the greater good. This suggests that, although not shown onscreen, he became a Whitelighter

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • After his death, another indication he is believed to have become a Whitelighter is when orbs are heard during the end of the episode.
  • His real name's Jonathan David Williams. (as stated by Sam)
  • On his grave it states he died in 1955. However, this isn't correct, as he was trapped in Vaklav's collage and came out of it alive in 2005.
  • J.D. is the second male future whitelighter to appear on the screen (the first being Kyle Brody)


J.D. appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

Season 8
The Lost Picture Show

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