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It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World, Part 1
Season 6, episode 22
Chris drawing a Triquetra on a wall in Magic School.
Episode Information

May 16, 2004

Written by

Curtis Kheel

Directed by

James L. Conway

Production Code


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Witch Wars


It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World, Part 2


It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World, Part 1 is the first part of the Season 6 finale and the 133rd overall episode of Charmed.


For a complete plot of It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World, Part 1, go here.

Gideon makes his move on Wyatt: he sends Chris and Leo to the Parallel World, sends Phoebe and Paige to get them while Piper is in labour. In the Parallel World, Barbas, the Demon of Hope, tells them Gideon did it on purpose. Phoebe and Paige help their Evil twins by attacking Gideon in the Parallel World, but this deed shifts the Balance between the two worlds: our world becomes too good.


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Magical NotesEdit


To Open the Portal to the Parallel WorldEdit

This spell was made up by Gideon. The Charmed Ones cast it, thinking it'd send Chris and Leo back to Chris' time, but it sent them to the Parallel World instead.

In this place and in this hour,
We call upon the ancient power.
Open the door through time and space,
Create a path to another place.

To Infuse an Athame With PowerEdit

Gideon cast this spell on his Athame, so that he would be able to penetrate Wyatt's Force Field with it.

Wanton powers in this blade yield,
Penetrate that which would shield.

The Power of Four SpellEdit

Phoebe, Paige, Parallel Phoebe and Parallel Paige used this spell to make Gideon suffer and then send him away from Wyatt.

We call upon Ancient lore,
To punish with the Power of Four,
Strike down this threat from both there and here,
Make him suffer, then disappear!


  • Telekinesis: Used by Gideon to open and close the door of his office at Magic School. Parallel Gideon and Gideon used it to move their chessmen. Gideon also used it to make his Athame float.
  • Invisibility: Used by Gideon to be invisible while hindering the potion from hitting the drawn Triquetra. Parallel Gideon used it to be invisible when Paige and Phoebe arrived in his world.
  • Healing: Used by Gideon and Parallel Gideon to heal each other.
  • Orbing: Type of Teleportation used by Paige, Gideon and Chris
  • Apportation: Used by Parallel Chris and Parallel Paige to get their Darklighter Crossbow with arrow into their hands.
  • Molecular Immobilization: Used by Piper to freeze Parallel Chris' Darklighter Arrow.
  • Black Orbing: Type of Teleportation used by Parallel Leo, Parallel Chris, Parallel Paige and Parallel Gideon.
  • Black Telekinetic Orbing: Used by Parallel Chris to orb Darryl's gun into his hand. Parallel Paige used it to orb a rock and boulders.
  • Energy Balls: Used by Parallel Leo, trying to attack Paige, but he was trapped in a Crystal Cage. Parallel Gideon used it to 'attack' Phoebe and Paige.
  • Hope Reading: Used by Parallel Barbas to read Chris and Leo's hopes.
  • Telekinetic orbing: Used by Paige to orb Parallel Paige's Darklighter Arrows to the ground. She later used it to orb a rock and boulders. Wyatt used it to stab Gideon with his own Athame.
  • Force Field: Used by Wyatt to protect himself from Gideon.
  • Electrokinesis: Used by Gideon, making the lightning bolts touch Wyatt's orb shield, so Gideon would be able to orb Wyatt and his shield.
  • Paige orbing out.
  • Gideon telekinetically opens the door of his office.
  • Gideon telekinetically closes the door of his office.
  • Gideon is invisible to prevent the potion from hitting the Triquetra.
  • Gideon telekinetically opens the door of his office.
  • Gideon becomes visible again.
  • Gideon telekinetically closes the door of his office.
  • Gideon telekinetically opens the curtain in his office.
  • Gideon and Parallel Gideon heal each other.
  • Gideon telekinetically closes the door of his office.
  • Paige orbing in with Phoebe.
  • Parallel Chris apports his Darklighter Crossbow.
  • Piper freezes the Darklighter Arrow.
  • Parallel Leo and Parallel Chris black orbing out.
  • Parallell Chris black orbs Darryl's gun into his hand.
  • Paige orbing in with Phoebe.
  • Paige orbing out.
  • Paige orbing in.
  • Parallel Leo tries to break through the Crystal Cage with an Energy Ball.
  • Parallel Gideon telekinetically moves a chess piece.
  • Gideon telekinetically moves a chess piece.
  • An Energy Ball is thrown at Paige and Phoebe.
  • Parallel Gideon becomes visible.
  • Paige orbing out with Phoebe.
  • Parallel Barbas reading Chris' hope to return home.
  • Parallel Barbas reading Chris' hope to return home before it's too late.
  • Paige orbing in with Phoebe.
  • Paige orbing out with Phoebe.
  • Parallel Paige black orbing out with Parallel Phoebe.
  • Parallel Paige apports her Darklighter Crossbow.
  • Paige orbs down the Darklighter Arrow.
  • Paige orbs down the Darklighter Arrow again.
  • Paige orbs down another Darklighter Arrow.
  • Paige orbs a rock.
  • Parallel Paige black orbs a rock.
  • Paige orbs a boulder and Parallel Paige black orbs a boulder as well.
  • Wyatt raises his protective bubble to protect him from Gideon.
  • Gideon creates lightning bolts to make contact with Wyatt's force field.
  • Gideon orbing out with Wyatt in his force field.
  • Parallel Paige black orbs another boulder.
  • Paige orbs another boulder as well.
  • Wyatt uses his Force Field to protect himself.
  • Wyatt orbs the athame into Gideon.
  • Parallel Gideon black orbing out.
  • Gideon and Parallel Gideon healing each other.
  • Chris orbing out.


  • Scrying Crystal - A magical pendant used for Scrying. Phoebe used it to scry for Parallel Leo and Parallel Chris.
  • Crystals - Used by Paige to trap Parallel Leo and Parallel Chris in a Crystal Cage.
  • Athame - A double edged ceremonial knife. Gideon blessed it, so he could penetrate Wyatt's Force Field.
  • Darklighter Arrows - An arrow, poisonous to Whitelighters, used by Darklighters to kill Whitelighters. The poison will slowly kill them, if not healed in time.
  • Darklighter Crossbow - Used to shoot Darklighters' Arrows with.

Notes and Trivia Edit

Charmed 6x22-2300:32

Charmed 6x22-23

It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World WB Trailer


WB's promo

  • The script for this episode can be found, here.
  • Another title used by The WB for this episode was Nice Girls, Naughty Girls in Australia.
  • The hospital elevator is the same one used in Cole's apartment building, as well as the one used in Miles's building, whom Phoebe also dated.
  • This is Rose McGowan's 67th episode, meaning that, from this episode onwards, she has officially starred in more episodes than Shannen Doherty (who starred in 66 overall).
  • Together with "Witch Way Now?", these season finales are the only ones that don't feature or mention Prue.
  • Is the first episode of the series to hold a UK ratings certificate of "15" for violence, the strongest rating the series received. The other episode was "It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World, Part 2".
  • Mrs. Noble is shown to be the Charmed Ones next door neighbor, living in the house previously occupied by Dan Gordon and his niece, Jenny.
  • At the very end of the episode after Phoebe is shot, the Ice Cream truck is playing the same song that it did in the episode, "We All Scream for Ice Cream". The song did not play a part in the episode but was added for it's eerie sound, reflecting that there was something wrong with the new Good world.
  • While in the evil world, when a dog barks at Phoebe and Paige, you can see an alleyway behind them. It's the same alley way that Prue and Piper fought Shax in 3 seasons ago.
  • Through his evil counterpart, it is revealed that Chris possesses the power of telekinetic orbing as well.
  • This two-part episode marks the only appearance of Dark Elders and Darklighter-Witches, both of which only seem to exist in the parallel world.
  • It is revealed that Chris is named after Leo's father, Christopher Wyatt.
  • This episode reveals the reason why Wyatt has turned evil in the future, namely Gideon's attempt to kill him and the fact that he was lost in the Underworld for an unknown amount of time.
  • In this episode, Wyatt shows how his powers have grown. He puts up his forcefield when left alone with Gideon when he senses that Gideon wants to harm him. Later, after Gideon pierces Wyatt's forcefield, he tries to stab Wyatt with a knife. Wyatt blinks and the knife orbs out of Gideon's hand and then with the nod of his head, the knife stabs Gideon in the chest.
  • The scene in which good and evil Gideon play chess is very similar to the scene between the Guardians of the Hollow in "Charmed and Dangerous".
  • This episode scored 4.8 million viewers

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The episode title is a play on words referring to the title of the film "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World."

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Behind the ScenesEdit


International titlesEdit

  • French: Pour l'amour d'un fils - 1ère partie (For the Love of a Son - 1st Part)
  • French (British DVD including BeNeLux): Pour l'amour d'un fils - partie 1 (For the Love of a Son - Part 1)
  • Finnish: Peilimaailma, osa 1 (Mirror World, Part 1)
  • Czech: Špatný, špatný svět - 1. část (Bad, Bad World - Part 1)
  • Slovak: Je to zlý svet - 1. časť (It's Bad World - Part 1)
  • German: Gute und Böse Welt Teil 1 (Good and Bad World Part 1)
  • Spanish (Spain): Este mundo es malo, malo, malo - 1a parte (It's a Bad, Bad, Bad World, 1st Part)
  • Spanish (British DVD): Es un mundo malo, malo 1ª parte (It's a Bad, Bad World 1st Part)
  • Spanish (Latin America): Es un Mundo muy Malo - 1a parte (It's a Very Bad World - 1st Part)
  • Russian: Ведьмы в зазеркалье, Часть 1 [Ved′my v zazerkal′e, Čast′ 1] (Witch in the Mirror, Part 1)
  • Italian: Per il bene o per il male? (Parte 1) (For Good or for Evil? (Part 1))
  • Hebrew: "ze olam ra, ra me'od"- khelek rishon (it's Very Bad, Bad World- Part 1)
  • Hungarian: Ez egy rossz, rossz világ 1. rész (It's a Bad, Bad World Part 1)
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