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Invisibility is the power to make oneself unable to be seen, or transparent. This is a power that has been used several times throughout the series and is usually in the possession of good beings. It is very similar to the power of Voyeurism.


"And you don't know how to defeat me, Belthazor, you never could. After all, (he turns invisible) you can't fight what you can't see"
Troxa to Cole[src]

The demon Troxa could turn completely invisible, but he possessed one weakness. He could be made visible in cold temperatures due to his personal biology.[1]

"Let's see now, the witch you're looking for has the power of invisibility, right? "
Bacarra to his past self.[src]

In 2002, Bacarra's powerful future self used a spell to make a witch with the power of invisibility visible so that his sad and pitiful present counterpart could capture her.

"I made it so that only Wyatt could see me"
Vicus to Hugo[src]

Vicus was a demon who showed great skill at using this power; he was able to make himself invisible to everyone but Wyatt in 2004.[2]

"Gideon, your invisibility shield is still up."
Leo to Gideon.[src]

This is a common power among The Elders, in fact it is heavily implied that the first power a whitelighter gains upon becoming an Elder is an invisibility shield.[3] This was revealed when Leo Wyatt, in the process of becoming an Elder, gained the power of Invisibility.

Leo has been invisible four times. The first time was in The Heavens, he turned himself invisible to avoid being discovered by The Titans.[4] The second time was when he was in the underworld spying on future Chris.[5] The third time was in the Halliwell Manor, he was turned invisible by the Golden Belt of Gaea[6], and the final time, he was under the influence of an invisibility potion.[7]

It's important to note that invisibility is a state of being for Ghosts and Muses. Fairies, on the other hand, are invisible to most adults because most adults do not believe fairies exist. Also, the astral forms of some beings are invisible.[8][9]

List of beings who use(d) InvisibilityEdit

Original power
Through spell, potion, power stealing, etc.



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