Jenya Lano Sheridan
Inspector Sheridan
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October 2005; Halliwell Manor

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Dark Blond

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Inspector of San Francisco Police Department

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First appearance

Crimes and Witch-Demeanors

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Something Wicca This Way Goes...?

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Jenya Lano


Inspector Sheridan was an inspector for the San Francisco Police Department, who was partnered with Darryl Morris in 2004. She was highly suspicious of the Charmed Ones and tried to expose their secret several times. Her efforts eventually led to her death at the hands of the demon Zankou in 2005.


Barbas's Scheme

Inspector Sheridan played a part in the demon Barbas' scheme to escape form purgatory when he had her possessed by a Phantasm. She then caught the Charmed Ones using magic on video, which led to the Cleaners altering history and framing Darryl for murder. Leo and Chris later found out she was possessed and brought her before the Tribunal, after which her memories were erased.

Chris's Death

Sheridan and the rest of the police force search for Chris after he broke out of jail. They found him after he was stabbed by Gideon. Because his body vanished into thin air, his family did not have a funeral for him, and Sheridan became more suspicious of the Halliwells.

Growing Suspicions

Inspector Sheridan continued investigating the Charmed Ones, including staking out the manor along with a relucant Darryl. She eventually started working with FBI agent Kyle Brody, who shared her suspicions. However, when they caught the sisters using magic, agent Brody instead shot Sheridan with a tranquilizer dart and promised to keep the sisters' secret in exchange for their help.



Sheridan in Hawbrooke

Agent Brody had Sheridan committed to the Hawbrook Mental Health Facililty, where she was kept in a comatose state in a secret room. Darryl asked the sisters to help track her down and Phoebe and Darryl later found her while being guided by Kyra, the Seer. It was later revealed that Sheridan had lost her memories, though the sisters realized they had to be even more careful around her, as they did not want to trigger her lost memories.

Mission to Expose the Sisters

Although Sheridan never fully regained her memories, she remained suspicious of the sisters and continued investigating them. She remained determined to find the truth and would not back down.


Sheridan and zankou

Sheridan's death

When Homeland Security arrived in San Francisco to investigate the Charmed Ones, Sheridan insisted that she was involved in the investigation. She used her history with the sisters to involve herself and entered the manor with a hidden camera. However, unknown to her, the manor was under control of the demon Zankou at the time. Sheridan entered the attic despite being warned to get out, where she was confronted by Zankou. She was then killed by Zankou with an Energy Ball as she pulled her gun, with her dramatically yelling "No!", at the very last moment. Her death was caught on camera, prompting Agent Keyes and Agent Murphy to investigate further.

Notes and Trivia

  • Inspector Sheridan shares her last name with Jack and Jeff Sheridan. It is unknown if they are related, though this is more likely a coincidence.
  • Inspector Sheridan is the only recurring character whose first name is unknown.
  • Sheridan shared the fate of many law enforcement characters, being killed shortly after she discovered the sisters' secret.
  • She is the one of many innocents to die in the Halliwell Manor.(Can be contested as she was possessed by a Phantasm, a being noted to only enhance evil intent instead of creating it)
  • She was the last victim of Zankou.


Inspector Sheridan appeared in a total of 10 episodes throughout the course of the series.