Inspector Cortez
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Unknown sister †


Inspector of San Francisco Police Department

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Charmed Again, Part 1

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Charmed Again, Part 2

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Yancey Arias


Inspector Cortez is a San Francisco Police Department detective assigned to the murder case of Prue Halliwell and Dr. Griffiths in 2001.


After probing into the case by talking to the Halliwell family at the Manor (a meeting which he'd insisted upon to his partner), and then to Paige and her boyfriend following their brush with death at the hands of "the same monster that killed Prue" (an event which in fact convinced her further of some connection to the Halliwell family), Cortez came to suspect the sisters of some suspicious activity.

He and Darryl eventually walked in on the Charmed Ones, and Piper's husband Leo, speaking with the ghosts of their mother and grandmother and became convinced that they were involved with dark magic, which he had always suspected was there due to his experiences as a cop (and perhaps also the death of his own sister, which he'd revealed to Phoebe in their conversation during the funeral). In response, Darryl knocked him out, Phoebe teleported him to Timbuktu via a spell, and then Cole found him and shimmered him over a fire pit.

When Cole and Leo found him back at the pit, Leo convinced him not to tell the sisters' secret before orbing him back to San Francisco. However, it was all a ruse, as he would call for an on-the-clock surveillance team on the Halliwells, only to back off under threat from Cole and then from Darryl. Still persistent, he would return to the Manor with a camcorder, only to be immediately attacked by The Source of All Evil, whose attempt to sway Paige to the dark side had just failed. As The Source disappeared, Leo healed the wound in the back of his neck. This demonstration of Whitelighter powers proved both to him and to Paige once and for all that the Halliwells were good, to the tune of which he reluctantly turned his tape over to Morris instead of the police captain, then walked away.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Cortez is the second Latin-American police inspector seen on Charmed, the first being Inspector Rodriguez, who was a demon.
  • He is the third police detective to know and keep the Halliwell sisters' secret, after Andy Trudeau and Darryl.
  • Cortez appeared in the book adaptation, Charmed Again.



Inspector Cortez appeared in a total of 2 episodes throughout the course of the series.

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