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Innocents are the mortals, witches, magical beings or even demons that need to be protected from evil. It's the sisters' task as the Charmed Ones to protect them. 

In most cases, willfully killing an innocent is enough to turn a person evil.


  • The first innocent on the show was killed while the last innocent on the show was saved. Both were women.
  • There have been a few episodes where no innocent had to be saved by the Charmed Ones such as in Morality Bites.

List of InnocentsEdit

Season 1Edit

Image Name Episode Reason Status
1x01 Serena Fredrick Serena Fredrick Something Wicca This Way Comes She was a witch Lost, she was killed by the warlock Jeremy
BrittanyReynolds Brittany Reynolds I've Got You Under My Skin Javna stole her youth Saved, youth restored
1x02-elderly-couple Elderly Man I've Got You Under My Skin He and his wife were gonna lose their house if they did not win the lottery Saved, they won the lottery due Phoebe's premonition
TanyaParker Tanya Parker The Truth Is Out There... and It Hurts She would have a baby who would later invent, with the help of three others, a way to kill warlocks like Gavin Saved, the Charmed Ones killed Gavin and kept Tanya save
Billywaters Billy Waters The Wendigo Billy hunted the Wendigo after it killed his girlfriend Lost, he was killed by Agent Fallon a.k.a the Wendigo
Gasman Gasman Is There a Woogy in the House? Possessed by The Woogyman Saved, Piper knocked him out. Phoebe later banished the Woogyman
Whittlesey Beth Whittlesey Is There a Woogy in the House? Possessed by The Woogyman Saved, Phoebe banished The Woogyman
DavidOutofSight David Hatcher Out of Sight Kidnapped by the Grimlocks Saved, Prue and Phoebe vanquished the Grimlocks and freed David
BrendanRowe1 Brendan Rowe When Bad Warlocks Go Good He was a half-warlock who could potentially activate the Rowen coven (the evil Charmed Ones) Saved, the warlock brothers killed each other and Brendan became Priest
Charmed121 007 Daisy Love Hurts Alec, a darklighter wanted her to love him and would kill her if she didn't Saved, Prue vanquished Alec
MotelManager Motel Manager Love Hurts Alec killed him with his touch of death Lost, Killed by Alec

Season 2Edit

Image Name Episode Reason Status
2x04-tina-hitchens-02 Masselins Victims The Devil's Music They were innocent souls Saved, freed from Masselin by the Charmed Ones
2x05-ManFood Gorgeous Man She's a Man, Baby, a Man! He was one of the many single men who was a member of Fine Romance Lost, he was killed by the Succubus, Darla, who drained him from his testosterone
2x05-owen-grant Owen Grant She's a Man, Baby, a Man! He was one of the many single men who was a member of Fine Romance Saved, he was locked up in jail by the Charmed Ones for his own safety and freed later when the Succubus was killed
2x05-insp-smith Inspector Smith She's a Man, Baby, a Man! Lost, he was killed by the Succubus, Darla, who drained him from his testosterone
2x06-betty Betty That Old Black Magic She owned Tuatha's wand Lost, she was killed by Tuatha
Michael-Heather Joshua, Michael and Heather That Old Black Magic They were looking for the Blair Witch and unluckily came across Tuatha Lost, the were killed by Tuatha, who stole their hearts
2x09-marcy-frozen Marcy Steadwell Ms. Helfire She was a single witch Saved, Phoebe and Darryl saved her from being killed by Hellfire's explosives and was kept under protective care by Darryl
MatthewVanLewen Matthew van Lewen Reckless Abandon He was another male in the Van Lewen line Saved, his father has abandoned him at the police station and was taken care of by the Charmed Ones
MarthaDarrell Martha van Lewen Reckless Abandon She was the lover of Elias Lundy Lost, she killed herself to stop Ellias of killing her grandson
Charmed212 107 Dr. Curtis Williamson Astral Monkey He was corrupt after the Charmed Ones blood was accidently injected in his own blood Lost, the Charmed Ones could not stop him, he was killed by a round saw blade

Season 3Edit

Image Name Episode Reason Status
ChristyMcGeachy Innocent Christy McGeachy The Honeymoon's Over She saw a killer, Emilio Smith, about to kill Darryl Morris Lost, she was killed by Emilio
Ms.owens Mrs. Owens Death Takes a Halliwell She was Cole's landlord and could have known where he was hiding Lost, the Seekers killed her by sucking her brain for knowledge of Cole
3x19-the-prophet Prophet The Demon Who Came in from the Cold He knew of the plans of the Brotherhood of the Thorn Lost, he was beheaded by Trigg
Griffiths Dr. Griffiths All Hell Breaks Loose He would do an unknown future good, messing up a plan of The Source of All Evil Lost, he was killed by Shax

Season 4Edit

Image Name Episode Reason Status
/ / / / /

Season 5Edit

Image Name Episode Reason Status
Miles Miles A Witch In Time He was at the wrong place at the wrong time Lost, killed in a crossfire

Season 6Edit

Image Name Episode Reason Status
6x2Oscar Oscar Valhalley of the Dolls, Part 2 Turned into a dog by an evil witch. Saved, human form restored.
6x3Flo Flo Forget Me...Not Sexually harassed and fired by Mr. Stewick. Saved, time rewound, Paige helped her.
Salesman Salesman The Power of Three Blondes Tried to sell a vacuum cleaner to the Stillman Sisters. Lost, killed by Mabel Stillman.
Benmontana Benjamin Montana Love's a Witch Targeted by Olivia Callaway Lost.
6x15 RichardFading2 Richard Montana Love's a Witch Taken to a crip by Olivia Callaway. Saved.
Larry's soul is saved Larry Henderson Soul Survivor Made a Faustian deal with Zahn. Died, soul moved on to the afterlife.
Derekmortal Derek Little Monsters Became a beast; attacked by manticores. Saved, human form restored; Leo healed him.
5x19Jason Jason Dean Used Karma Kidnapped by Swarm Demons Saved.
7x9Darryl Darryl Morris Crimes and Witch-Demeanors Framed and nearly executed for murdering a man possessed by a Phantasm. Saved, reality warped.
/ Tali Witch Wars Targeted by demons. Lost, killed by a Darklighter.

Season 7Edit

Image Name Episode Reason Status
Brenda-cut Brenda Castillo Charrrmed! The immortal pirates kidnapped her Lost, Captain Black Jack Cutting stabbed her with a cursed athamé which aged her to death
KyraDemon Kyra Witchness Protection Demons were after her Lost, Zankou killed her

Season 8Edit

Image Name Episode Reason Status
Carl-helen-dinner Carl and Helen Jenkins Generation Hex They were killed to corrupt Billie and turn her against the Charmed Ones Lost, killed by the Noxon Demons
Mikelle Mikelle The Jung and the Restless She was a future whitelighter She was killed by a darklighter but made a whitelighter by the Elders

Season 9Edit

Image Name Episode Reason Status
/ / / / /

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