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"No, once they're immune to it they stay that way. That's why it's called immunity."
Piper to Prue.[src]

Immunity is the ability that grants the possessor immunity to certain powers (including their own), spells, and potions (except for a Power Stripping Potion). The being with immunity will absolutely not be affected by the spells, potions and powers they are immune to. 

Several upper-level demons possess this power, although they are usually only immune to the powers of witches. They can, if it's to their own advantage, allow themselves to be susceptible to witches magic. When immunity comes from a collective power, such as the Triad, their immunity can be diminished by weakening the collective as a whole. Avatars, due existing outside of space and time, are insusceptible to time and reality alterations, thus aware of any changes that occur within timelines.

List of UsersEdit

Original power
Through spell, potion, power stealing, etc.

Related PowersEdit

High ResistanceEdit

Main article: High Resistance

This ability grants possessors the power to survive attacks by weapons and various lethal powers (including their own) from all magical beings. Demons who possess this power can still be vanquished by potions made from their own flesh, athames, a Power of Three spell, or upper-level powers such as Advanced Fire Throwing.


Main article: Invincibility

This ability protects the possessor from any harm whatsoever. They can not be hurt in any way, but if weakened enough, they are prone to death. Beings that possess this power are immune to the all kinds of powers, spells, potions, and magical weapons.


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  3. Only when unleashing their true potential and declaring themselves Gods.
  4. To the sorrows in Pandora's Box.
  5. To the powers of Gypsies, with preperation.
  6. Under the right circumstances.
  7. When casting The Power of Three Spell.
  8. When in unity.
  9. With the ring of protection.
  10. With their rings.
  11. With a Cupid's ring.
  12. With the Nexus.
  13. Through an amulet.
  14. Received from Cole Turner.
  15. Through the Eye of Aghbar.
  16. with the Death's Head Shield.

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